Imagine a river, a river that waters lands whose coasts broil in the heat while the surrounding mountains are covered with snow, lands where plants indigenous to both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea grow, where rare beauty lurks in every corner, a river feared by people when it rushes with such abandon that a folk dance has been named for it.

Imagine a valley, a valley exhibiting the vestiges of many civilizations, where the encircling rocky cliffs are imbued with myriad hues, a valley inhabited by smiling, congenial people. A valley so patient it preserves and passes on to future generations all the treasures entrusted to its keeping...

The valley that takes its name from the Çoruh River, which flows for 442 km through Turkey, possesses a landscape as spectacular as it is vast. The story of the Çoruh, which carved out this valley and which, owing to its topographical structure, ranks among the world’s fastest flowing rivers, begins on the western slopes of Mt Mescit between İspir and Erzurum. Let us begin our tour from there.


The deep carved valleys and high pastures of the Çoruh Valley provides excellent mountain biking experience.One biking route has been studied so far. Voluntary contribution is needed for the exploration of new routes and offers will be supported by local NGOs.




The Çoruh Basin will enchant nature lovers with its rare and endemic plant species and being on the main migratory route of raptors is a paradise for birdwatchers.


The Çoruh valley lies within the Caucasus ecological zone, which is considered by..


Nature Life




The Çoruh Valley
is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for lovers of art, sports and nature.


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