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Bulutların Üzerindeki Balkonlar
BULUTLARIN ÜSTÜNDEKÝ BALKONLARBulut vadisi, adýný Bulut Daðlarý’ndan almýþ. Baþýndan hi
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Karlı dağların eteğinde turkuvaz göllerin kıyısında
Karlý daðlarýn eteðinde turkuvaz göllerin kýyýsýndaArtvin’in Yusufeli ilçesi yaz aylarýn
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Since 1987, BARHAL KARAHAN PENSION has been serving you just next to the historical 'Georgian Church' in Barhal village which is situated in a spectular Kackar National Park, deep in the Pontic Alpsof north-east Turkey, inland from the Black Sea region, in Artvin Province and within 100 kilometers of the adjoining country of Georgia.

The Pension consists of 16 comfortable rooms, with ensuite shower and toilet. Delicious home-grown and cooked food provides mouth watering dinners and breakfasts which are served on a terrace. From the Pension there are fine walks into the mountains, and a guide can be hired for several days, if horse transport is required for camping. English is spoken at the Pension.

There is a satellite TV at the BARHAL KARAHAN PENSION and a computer for emailing relatives. Hot water is provided by solar panels. A small traditional house with a covered terrace with 4 double bedrooms provides extra accommodation.

The price per person per night includes a room with toilet and shower, evening meal and breakfast. Please note that there are NO facilities for camping or cooking at the Pension.

Like other houses in the village BARHAL KARAHAN PENSION is situated on a steep south-facing hillside, 80 feet above a fast flowing river. There is a small car park for vehicles by the road below the Pension. Access to the Pension is by foot, luggage is taken up from the road to the Pension by a small cable car.

Whilst at Barhal there are opportunities for walking in the alpine summer pastures. The pension can also arrange for a horse to accompany those who wish to go trekking in the mountains. It is advisable to inform the pension in advance should you wish to do so. Evening meals are served at 7.30 or 8.00 pm and breakfast is served when required. Lunch is not normally provided but should you go walking a picnic can be provided.
BARHAL KARAHAN PENSION is visited by tourists from all over the world, who appreciate remote Turkish villages, superb mountain scenery eagles and abundant wild flowers.
Getting there:The nearest airport is located at Erzurum, and there are daily minibus connections to Yusufeli from Erzurum. To reach the village of Barhal catch a minibus from Yusufeli bus station, these leave every afternoon, and this journey takes approximately 1 - /2hrs. Early every morning, minibuses leave Barhal for Yusufeli in order to connect with departing buses. The pension will provide breakfast before you leave and will arrange for a minibus (dolmush) to pick you up from below the pension.
The other services provided by BARHAL KARAHAN PENSION are as follows :