Çoruh River

Çoruh River rises in the Mescit Mountains in north-eastern Turkey, flows through the cities of Bayburt, Ispir, Yusufeli, and Artvin, along the Kelkit - Çoruh Fault, before flowing into Georgia, where it reaches the Black Sea just south of Batumi and a few kilometers north of the Turkish-Georgian border.


The Çoruh has been called "an eco-tourism gem" and "Turkey's last remaining wild river", and is being promoted for whitewater kayaking by the Eastern Anatolia Tourism Development Project. It attracts kayakers and rafters from all over the world.


The Çoruh is one of the most spectacular white-water rivers in the world – the backdrop of the majestic Kaçkar Mountains when descending its pristine clear-blue waters is breathtakingly magnificent. The Çoruh River is ideal for those interested in white water sports ranging from rafting to kayaking.

Between May and September the river's flow drops steadily and so the paddler can choose a level - and hence difficulty - at which to run the river.

In 1993, the 4th World White-Water Rafting Championships were held on the banks of the Çoruh. Some 250 paddlers assembled from around the globe to compete in a week-long festival of events and competitions.

In 2005, the 1st Çoruh Extreme Week was held for white-water kayak paddlers. Thirty-six paddlers from 14 nations competed for 5 days on the rapids on the river from Ispir to Yusufeli. 



Nature Life

The Çoruh Basin will enchant nature lovers with its rare and endemic plant species and being on the main migratory route of raptors is a paradise for birdwatchers.


The Çoruh valley lies within the Caucasus ecological zone, which is considered by..





The Çoruh Valley
is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for lovers of art, sports and nature.


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